Delivered Bi-Monthly

The Meadow Vista Merchants publish a quality newsletter every other month and deliver it to roughly 3,500 homes in the area. We post it online here or you can pick up the most recent copy from any of our association members.

We love articles and items of interest!

Articles written by advertising merchants receive priority as well as those with related content to the issue, time of year and audience. We also try to publish articles by local organizations.

Standard article size range from 250 - 450 words. Pictures are encouraged. All articles submitted will be considered although there is no guarantee that an article will go to print.

Articles must be informative and cannot directly advertise a business. We do allow articles that promote events supported by non-profit organizations.

2019 View Magazine Deadline Schedule: 

  • May 12th for the June/July Issue  (PIONEER DAY)
  • July 15th for the Aug/Sept Issue (BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT)
  • Sept 15th for the Oct/Nov Issue
  • Nov 10th for the Dec/Jan Issue (XMAS IN THE VILLAGE)
  • Jan 15th for the 2020 Feb/Mar Issue

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