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2018 Committees:

View Magazine Chair: Toni Ryan 530-305-7668
View Editor: Ashlei Jackson 878-8778
Membership: Skye Toro 878-8830

The View Magazine

The Meadow Vista Merchants publish a quality newsletter ever month and deliver it to roughly 3,500 homes in the area. We'll post them online when we can (we do rely on volunteers), in the meantime you can pick up the most recent copy from any of our association members. If you have questions about the newsletter please contact our newsletter committee chairperson.

Membership Costs:

Annual Membership dues are $125 and are to be paid at the time of application. Membership dues will be pro-rated the following year for new members joining during the year.


Benefits of membership include cooperative discount advertising in the community-wide newsletter, association in the website, display boards, and at local community events. Membership also allows access to the expertise of the association members, an opportunity to build your sales force and promote inter-business referrals.

Who can join?

Any licensed business and/or commercial property owner whose main base of business operations and/or license is recorded as being located within those geographics regions known as Meadow Vista, Weimar, Christian Valley, or Clipper Gap, and further defined by the postal Zip Codes associated with such locations, and is interested in the progress and development of business within the area, is willing to uphold the associations basic policies, and will subscribe to its by-laws, may apply to join the Association. Membership is open to all conforming businesses without concern of exclusivity per business type. Any exceptions to these specifications must be brought to the board for review.

Meadow Vista Merchants Association

Mission Statement

The Meadow Vista Merchant’s Association is a voluntary, non-profit, non-partisan group of local business owners dedicated to the promotion of member businesses and to encourage the citizenry to shop locally. We intend to achieve these goals by being a forum for the exchange of ideas, cooperative marketing efforts, and networking opportunity.


We hold periodic gatherings for merchant members. Contact us for the next one.

2018 Officers